Children's rights

The following 10 children's rights are considered to be the most important and fundamental rights:
  1. The right to equal treatment and protection against discrimination regardless of race, religion, background or gender
  2. The right to a name and nationality
  3. The right to health
  4. The right to education and training
  5. The right to leisure, play and relaxation
  6. The right to get and share information, to be heard and to meet together
  7. The right to privacy and an education in the spirit of equality and peace
  8. The right to immediate assistance in disasters and emergencies and to protection against cruelty, neglect, exploitation and persecution
  9. The right to a family, parental care and a safe home
  10. The right to care and support for children with disabilities

Switzerland ratified the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child in 1997.

However, there is still no coordination between the federal government and the cantons on children's rights in Switzerland today. In its 2009 shadow report, Child Rights Network Switzerland noted that there are striking differences in how children's rights are implemented in various cantons. Particularly vulnerable groups of children and young people (including children with disabilities, children affected by poverty and unaccompanied children seeking asylum) suffer most from the unequal treatment.