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Here you can find a selection of questions that we are often asked, and the answers to them. Can’t find what you’re looking for? Don’t hesitate to contact us for more information.

Save the Children campaigns worldwide for the implementation of children’s rights. We work for the healthcare, nutrition, education and protection of children, regardless of their gender, background or religious beliefs. We fight against exploitation, abuse and neglect of children.

In our national and international projects we focus on the following:

Health and Nutrition: In developing countries we improve primary health services, such as mother-child care, vaccination programmes and antenatal care. In addition, we provide access to clean water, and are committed to the improvement of children’s hygiene and nutrition.

Education: We campaign for the right of all children and young people to education and literacy. To achieve this we build schools, equip classrooms, provide teaching materials, and train teaching staff. We are committed to inclusive education, which prioritises the diverse needs of all learners.

Child Protection: Children grow up most safely at home and within their social community. For this reason we strongly promote the protection of children, and support families, local authorities and national governments in their efforts to provide children with the necessary care and protection within their own family. In emergencies and disaster situations we protect children from sexual exploitation and bring separated families together. We campaign worldwide for a ban on corporal punishment.

Advocacy: Through our offices in Geneva, Addis Ababa, Brussels and New York, we campaign at an international level for the recognition of children’s rights. By working with the UN and international organisations we achieve important law changes, and in this way contribute worldwide to children’s self-determination. Save the Children has consultative status on the United Nations Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC).

Emergency and disaster assistance: In disaster zones our teams provide children and their families with food, shelter, and medical and psychological aid. We establish child-friendly spaces, where girls and boys are protected from violence and exploitation and are provided with psychological support, and prepare them for the risk of future disasters through our prevention projects.

Save the Children is active in Switzerland and worldwide. We work in 120 countries. You can find more details about the projects Save the Children Switzerland finances and supports in our current annual report (available in German and French).

Yes. Save the Children is also helping children in Switzerland.

Within a pilot project, Save the Children, together with the Staatssekretariat für Migration (SEM) and the Zürcher Fachorganisation AOZ is providing protection and care for children on the move. Together with the SEM and the AOZ, Save the Children is establishing and operating child-friendly spaces in two refugee accomodations.

In Save the Children's child-friendly spaces, children are protected from exploitation and abuse and receive specialised psychosocial care. Through play, arts and crafts as well as other structured activities, children regain a certain sense of normalcy, which strengthens their resilience and helps them recover from their often traumatic experiences.

Furthermore, Save the Children is providing free teaching material around the subject of children's rights through the online-platform kiknet ( Through these teaching material, children are able to learn more about children's rights – and it is an effective method to prevent violence and discrimination against children. At the moment, the material is only available in German.

With a regular contribution of at least CHF 20 a month you will become a Child Guardian project sponsor for Save the Children. With your regular donation you help us to support children now and in the long term. Regular donations are very important for our project work, because donations we can rely on make it easier for us to conduct our work for children on a long-term basis. As a Save the Children Child Guardian, you will receive the Save the Children Magazine four times a year. This provides background information on our work all over the world. And you can find out specifically how your donations are being used.

With a one-off donation you can support us as and when you prefer.

Please note that Save the Children does not accept donations that are connected in any way to child labour, human trafficking, arms trafficking or any other criminal or illegal activities. Any funding that would compromise our vision, values, independence or integrity is always declined. Save the Children reserves the right to reject donations that are not in line with our principles.

Or donate directly and easily by text message: text ‘Save’ and your donation amount to the number 488 (e.g. ‘Save 20’, to donate CHF 20). The donation will appear directly on your phone bill and will incur no other costs for you.


Save the Children Switzerland is Zewo-certified. The Zewo quality seal guarantees that donations entrusted to us are used effectively and efficiently for a specific purpose. Our compliance with quality criteria is checked regularly by the Zewo independent foundation. Learn more at

Four out of every five francs donated go directly to our projects for children. Our current annual report with our annual financial statement, and detailed information about our project work and our use of funds, is available online (available in German and French). The annual report is audited by the independent auditors PricewaterhouseCoopers. Financial reporting is conducted in accordance with the Swiss accounting and reporting recommendations and complies with the Swiss Code of Obligations.

Save the Children does not offer sponsorship of individual children. Sponsorship of individual children leads to tensions in the communities supported – one child is favoured over others, and unequal treatment occurs.

It is more sustainable and meaningful to take on the sponsorship of a project – for example, as a Child Guardian project sponsor for Save the Children. With your regular donation of at least CHF 20 a month you are helping whole communities, instead of just one child.

You can arrange your Child Guardian project sponsorship directly through our donations platform. Or contact our donor service on +41 (0)44 267 74 70 or at

You can contact us by email at or by telephone on +41 (0)44 267 74 70 and we will suspend the monthly payments from your account. This means your account will no longer be debited with regular donations for Save the Children. We will send you confirmation of the cancellation of your Child Guardian project sponsorship.

On our donations platform you can find details about how our donations are currently spent. Here you can specifically choose in which of the proposed areas your donation should be used.

With an unrestricted donation, not linked to a specific project, you make it possible for us to provide help quickly and in a non-bureaucratic way. When there is an earthquake, a drought or political unrest, it is important that enough financial resources are available to allow us to respond flexibly. Through your donation that is not linked to a specific project – however big or small the donation is – we can help quickly and effectively where help is needed most urgently.

In addition, above a certain amount, your donation can be directed to a goal you have specified. Processing donations linked to specific projects results in additional costs for us.

Yes. As a charitable organisation, Save the Children is tax-exempt and donations can be deducted from your taxes. At the beginning of every year we send you confirmation of all your donations from the previous year. You can include this in your tax return.

If you have not received confirmation of your donations by the end of February, please contact our donor service on +41 (0)44 267 74 70 or at, specifying your first and last name and your address.

Sadly, we cannot accept any donations of items. Distribution of items donated in Switzerland to our project regions would not be appropriate to meet current needs, and would necessitate the use of significant financial and logistical resources. As a Zewo-certified organisation, we are obliged to dedicate our resources efficiently to a specific purpose. This does not allow us to transport donated items to our project areas. For this reason we base our projects on donated funds, which can be used sustainably and meaningfully as needed.

Please contact us to let us know your new address on +41 (0)44 267 74 70 or at

Our worldwide project work is financed exclusively by donations. This is not possible without public relations and communication with donors, for example by letter. We place great value on efficient and economical use of the resources entrusted to us. As a Zewo-certified organisation, we benefit from a discount of between 25 and 50 percent from most suppliers in Switzerland.

The efficiency of our fundraising tools is checked regularly using various key figures. Quantitative and qualitative criteria are compiled using these figures, so that inappropriate and expensive fund-raising approaches are no longer used.

Learn more about the use of funds donated to us at

Our current job advertisements are published online at

Save the Children Switzerland does not use international volunteers. On our projects we always work with our own local staff, and together with selected project partners. You can find international job opportunities with Save the Children at

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