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Jenna schaut mit ihrer Tochter auf das Mittelmeer hinaus, nachdem sie vom Rettungsschiff von Save the Children gerettet wurden.

Save the Children rescue vessel back in the Mediterranean

Save the Children’s rescue vessel, Vos Hestia, has left the port of Valetta in Malta for further rescue operations.
Save the Children Mitarbeiter während einer Seenotrettung auf dem Mittelmeer.

Save the Children’s Search and Rescue vessel docks in Malta

Save the Children deeply regrets that it has been forced to pause the Search and Rescue operation in the Mediterranean, as a result of issues ...
Medina and her baby

Climbing Mountains and Crossing a Sea to Keep Her Baby Safe

Young Syrian refugee mother and her newborn receive “baby box,” along with care and support from Save the Children.
Bildung in Krisensituationen

Education in crisis situations

Education must be prioritised even in crisis situations – because it provides an effective means of child protection.