Cantons, Municipalitites and Churches

Numerous Swiss cantons, cities, municipalities and parishes are among our long-standing partners in project work and humanitarian aid. Help us to support children in Switzerland and all over the world!

Your partner for emergency aid

Rhaya, ein Jahr und neun Monate alt, Leyte Provinz, Philippinen.
Every year, millions of people are affected by natural or man-made disasters: Earthquakes, floods, landslides, conflicts and wars. Regardless of the nature of the emergency situation, children are always the hardest hit. Save the Children is there to help them.

Save the Children is a leading humanitarian aid organization. In 2017 alone, we provided emergency relief in 121 emergencies in 61 countries. Save the Children works in 120 countries around the world, so our teams are quickly on the ground in an emergency situation and know the local context. This is an important factor for an effective emergency response and enables us to save lives immediately.

In addition to life-saving emergency aid such as food, water and shelter, children in disaster situations need special protection. Whether with or without a family, they are particularly at risk in such emergency situations. For this purpose, Save the Children erects child-friendly spaces, for example, during emergency relief operations. These spaces offer children protection after natural disasters or during conflicts and a place where they can receive psychosocial support and process what they have experienced.

Your partner for development aid

Save the Children
Save the Children is one of the leading organisations for development aid. We operate in 120 countries and have been active internationally since 1919. Thanks to our decades of experience, we can draw on sound long-term studies and reports to ensure the sustainability and effectiveness of our projects.

In project implementation, for example, we work closely with local and national authorities to ensure that the implemented project activities and objectives continue after project completion. We also involve the local population in both the development and implementation of the projects and ensure that the project activities are tailored to the needs of the communities. In this way, we achieve a long-term improvement in the living conditions of the most disadvantaged children.

The development and implementation of development projects, for example with institutional partners, is tied to a minimum level of financing.
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