We work at an international level for children and their rights.

Wir fordern die Einhaltung der Kinderrechte ein und überwachen ihre Umsetzung
Every child has the right to be heard.

In our advocacy offices in Geneva, Addis Ababa, Brussels and New York, we work at an international level for the respect of children's rights. We work together with the UN and international organisations to achieve important changes in the law and ensure that children around the world can live a self-determined life.

With our advocacy work, we help the most deprived children to defend their rights. We urge governments and authorities to take responsibility for children – including the most deprived children from poor families. We call on governments to tackle poverty and inequality on a political, social and economic level over the long term.

As an international organisation, we combine our advocacy activities with our project work around the world. Every day, our teams directly experience the needs of children in different regions. We are committed to meeting these needs on an international level, to ensure that our work is as effective and sustainable as possible.