We provide immediate and on-going help to children and their families in cases of emergency and disaster.

Wir helfen Kindern und ihren Familien sofort und dauerhaft in Not- und Katastrophenfällen.
Disasters can be caused by nature or man: famines, floods, earthquakes, hurricanes or war. 
There are currently 42 million people around the world living in refugee camps in disastrous conditions. Children are the hardest hit by disasters. They are helplessly at the mercy of forces of nature and conflicts.
Save the Children has been providing aid for disasters and emergencies since it was founded in 1919. We distribute food and medicines in the immediate aftermath of a disaster. Mobile hospitals enable our teams of doctors to reach the injured and wounded in the remotest of regions. We also set up safe tents and play tents where children can take refuge and be protected from exploitation and violence whilst receiving psychological care. We also help families to rebuild their lives and thus secure their future. 
In our disaster provision projects, children learn how to recognise the early signs of danger, how to assess risk and how to act appropriately in the situation. In the next five years, Save the Children will be preparing 3 million children in particularly high risk regions around the world for disaster, in order to minimise the impact in case of emergency.